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2019 - Volume 20 [Issue 4]

Soil Phase: Base for Deriving Land Capability Class and Crop Suitability

N. L. Rajesh, Kirana Kumara, V. Rajesh, H. V. Rudramurthy, U. Satish Kumar, K. Basavaraj, B. K. Desai, R. Meenakshi Bai

Page: 1-13
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Nutritional Composition of Little Millet Flour

K. Srilekha, T. Kamalaja, K. Uma Maheswari, R. Neela Rani

Page: 1-4
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Solvent Extraction of Copper (II) Ions Using Unmodified and Aromatic Amine Modified Red Onion Skin Extract

Uche John Chukwu, Gervais Manizabayo

Page: 1-8
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Bio-ethanol (2nd Generation Ethanol): A Solution to Ever Polluting Gasoline to Climate in India

Shruti Mohapatra, Raj Kishore Mishra, Khitish K. Sarangi

Page: 1-15
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