Optimization of Synthesis Process of 4-Methylquinazoline

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Juan Liu
Yun Yang
Liangchun Li


4-Methylquinazoline was synthesized with 2-aminoacetophenone and formamide as the starting materials. The reaction conditions, including catalyst, ratio of substrates, temperature and time were optimized. Results showed that the optimal condition were as follows: Catalyst BF3-Et2O, the molar ratio of 2-aminoacetophenone: BF3-Et2O = 1:0.5, the weight ratio of 2-aminoacetophenone: formamide = 1:52, temperature 150°C, and time 6 h. Under the optimal conditions, the yield of the reaction achieved the highest (86%), which are better than the past reports.

Quinazolines, 4-methylquinazoline, synthesis, Lewis acid, reaction condition

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Liu, J., Yang, Y., & Li, L. (2017). Optimization of Synthesis Process of 4-Methylquinazoline. International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 14(3), 1-5. https://doi.org/10.9734/IRJPAC/2017/35918
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