Molecular Structure, HOMO-LUMO, MEP and Fukui Function Analysis of Some TTF-donor Substituted Molecules Using DFT (B3LYP) Calculations

A. Bendjeddou, T. Abbaz, A. K. Gouasmia, D. Villemin

Page: 1-9
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Solvent Effects on the Cleavage of Emodin’s Non H-bonded O-H Link: A Theoretical Study

Julius Numbonui Ghogomu, George Jules Kenzo Zankia, Nyiang Kennet Nkungli

Page: 1-11
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Effect of Batch Removal of Copper from Aqueous Solutions Using Tannin-immobilized Hide Collagen

M. O. Oseni, A. O. Adebayo, O. O. Ajayi, L. Lajide

Page: 1-17
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Synthesis, Characterization and Antibacterial Studies of Some Isoniazid-derived Schiff Bases

Joseph N. Yong, Evans N. Mainsah, Sally-Judith E. Ntum, Peter T. Ndifon

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Comparative Analysis of Polyesterification Reaction on Crude and Epoxidized Neem Oil-Modified Alkyd Resin

A. U. Anya, I. R. Jack, O. F. Osagie

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