Fe3+-Montmorillonite K10 as an Efficient, Green and Reusable Heterogeneous Catalyst for Synthesis of Mannich Type Reaction under Solvent-free Condition

Suneeta Bhandari, Virendra Kasana

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Antimalarial Biflavonoids from the Roots of Ochna serrulata (Hochst.) Walp

Monica M. Ndoile, Fanie R. Van Heerden

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M-Polynomial and Degree Based Topological Indices for Silicon Oxide

P. J. N. Thayamathy, P. Elango, M. Koneswaran

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Synthesis and Characterization of Pigment Grade Red Iron Oxide from Mill Scale

Md. Saiful Quddus, Md. Lutfor Rahman, Juliya Khanam, Bristy Biswas, Nahid Sharmin, Samina Ahmed, A. J. M. Tahuran Neger

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Spatiotemporal Variation of the Phenol Level of the Ebrié Lagoon (Ivory Coast)

Tossou Germain, Ekou Lynda, Ekou Tchirioua, Yacouba Zoungranan, Kpidi Habib Yapo, Ouattara Lamoussa

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