The Calculation of H-X Strength of Bonds in Hydrides of Certain Atoms of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table

Vitaly V. Ovchinnikov

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Densitometric and UV-Spectrophotometric Methods for Simultaneous Determination of Spiramycin adipate in Binary Mixture with Oxytetracycline-HCl or Tetracycline-HCl

Asmaa O. El Demerdash, Sawsan A. Abdel Razeq, Manal M. Fouad, Hoda F. El Sanabary

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Physicochemical and Catalytic Properties of Granular Mordenites of High Crystallinity Degree with a Hierarchical Porous Structure: Influence of Post-synthetic Treatment

O. S. Travkina, A. N. Khazipova, I. N. Pavlova, A. F. Akhmetov, B. I. Kutepov, L. S. Galyautdinova

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Effect of Morphological Structure, Temperature and Solvent on the Association Behavior of Some Copper Salts- Conductometric Study

Farid I. El-Dossoki, Alaa H. Elgamal, Menna Allah H. Elgamal, Salma A. Ibrahim

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Accumulation Ability of the Native Grass Species, Cyperus rotundus for the Heavy Metals; Zinc (Zn), Cadmium (Cd), Nickel (Ni) and Lead (Pb)

S. T. Garba, M. Gudusu, L. B. Inuwa

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