Democratic Republic of Congo Moringa Seeds Oil Extraction: Kunyima Method Application

A. B. Kunyima, H. M. Kaseya, M. D. Ntumba, S. N. Lusamba

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Synthesis and Characterization of Thiazolo Pyridin-2-Amine and Their Schiff Bases

Mangesh Vijay Sonawane, Sandip Balu Chaudhari, Jaywant Prakash Sonawane, Suryakant Sudhakar Patil, Mahesh Rajendra Sonawane, Anil Vinayak Patil

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Impact of Forest Combustion on Soil Contamination by PAHs Using QuEChERS and GC-MS/MSTQD

Al Fahd, Marzoq Hadi., Al-Sewailem, Mohamed S., EL-Saeid, Mohamed Hamza

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Biosorption Studies of Cr(VI) Ion from Aqueous Solution using Unmodified and Oxalic Acid Modified African Yam Bean Pod and Groundnut Shell

Humphrey N. Ekeh, Stevens A. Odoemelam, Christopher U. Sonde

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Determination of Selected Water Quality Parameters in River Sio, Busia County, Kenya

K. O. Ondoo, J. K. Kiptoo, A. O. Onditi, S. M. Shivaji, B. E. Omondi, J. K. Ogilo

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