Determination of Amlodipine Besilate and Azilsartan Medoxomil by UHPLC, HPTLC and Spectrophotometric Techniques

Marwa Mohammed Soliman, Manal Kamal Darwish, Sawsan Abdel-Moneem Abdel-Razeq

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Evaluate the Effect of Processing of Chhattisgarh Local Paddy Variety to Flaked Rice (POHA) on Proximate, Chemical and Functional Characteristics

Rahul Dahare, Bhupendra Sahu, Tankesh Kumar

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Purification and Characterization of α-amylase from a Novel Thermoalkalophilic Strain of Bacillus sonorensis GV2 Isolated from Mushroom Compost

Gitanjali Vyas, Nivedita Sharma, Nisha Sharma

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Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of the Structure and Properties of New Stannyl Complexes of Pyridine Amide Ligands

Raji Thomas, Pushpa Pardasani

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Standardization and Evaluation of Cauliflower Stalks Incorporated Phulkas

Md. Rafiuddin, Y. Swathi, M. Sai Prakash, W. Jessie Suneetha, B. Anila Kumari

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