Effect of Harvest Time on Phytochemical Profile of Citrus aurantifolia Leaf Essential Oil Grown in North Central, Nigeria

T. C. Ogunyemi, C. M. Ekuma, T. O. Akintoye, S. T. Ogunyemi

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Assessment of Pesticide Residues in Fresh Vegetables from Three Major Markets in Lagos Using QuEChERS Method and GC-MS

O. Okediran, M. S. Dauda, S. A. Kolawole

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Assessment of Heavy Metals Content in African Giant Rat (Cricetomys gambianus)

T. A. Atanda, O. O. Murana, O. J. Tijani, V. A. Adeyemi

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Assessing the Source of Thallium Contamination in Ground and Surface Waters in the Locality of Yamtenga (Burkina-Faso): Correlation with Some Heavy Metal Ions

Ollé Rodrigue Kam, Corneille Bakouan, Inoussa Zongo, Boubié Guel

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A Review on Nanotechnology: Analytical Techniques Use and Applications

Tassew Belete Bahru, Eyasu Gebrie Ajebe

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