Nitrogen Indices, Nodulation and Yield of Mung Bean (Vigna radiate L.) as Influenced by Integrated Nutrient Supply

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Sheikh Tahir
Sadaf Iqbal
Zahoor Baba
Mudasir Nazir
Burhan Hamid
Aabroo Rashid


The present study was conducted to find out the impact of inorganic nutrients (Nitrogen @ 20 kgha-1 and Phosphorus 40 kgha-1) blended with and without biofertilizers (Rhizobium and PSB) on growth and yield of mung bean. Significant increments in seed yield of 31.07% followed by 23.34% were recorded from the plots exposed to 20 kgN/ha + 40 kgP2O5/ha along with dual inoculation by Rizobium and PSB (T9) and 20 kgN/ha + 40 kgP2O5/ha + Rizobium (T7). Highest seed yield (13.23 q/ha) realized under T9 supported by increased final aboveground dry matter (29.33% & 26.21%), pod percentage (26.33% & 17.45%) and test weight (17.50% & 11.13%) compared to chemical fertilizers (T4 & T5 respectively). Highest number of nodules (68.17) & nitrogen use efficiency (18.32 kg/kg) were recorded at flowering (50 DAS) stage of the crop under treatment-9. Functional relation between nodulation, NUE, AAR, pods plant-1 and yield were positive and linear (R2=0.987, 0.9987, 0.9501, 0.9115, respectively). To ascertain the higher productivity in mung bean it is recommended that the application of phosphorus @ 40 kgha-1 with starter dosage of N @ 20 kgha-1 along with dual inoculation by Rizobium and PSB should be applied for higher seed yield under temperate agro-ecological conditions.

Rhizobium, PSB, phosphorus, nitrogen indices, yield, mung bean.

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Tahir, S., Iqbal, S., Baba, Z., Nazir, M., Hamid, B., & Rashid, A. (2020). Nitrogen Indices, Nodulation and Yield of Mung Bean (Vigna radiate L.) as Influenced by Integrated Nutrient Supply. International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 21(19), 21-32.
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