Study on Physico-chemical Properties and Fertility Status of Tumkur District (Zone-4) of Karnataka

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A. H. Kumar Naik
B. M. Madhu
Parashuram Chandravamshi
M. Hanumanthappa


A study was conducted to an assessment of physico-chemical properties of soil of Chikknayakana Hally (CNH), Koratigere (KTG), Madhugiri (MDG) Pavagada (PVG), Sira and Tiptur (TPT) taluks of Tumkur district was carried out in 2018-2019 under natural farming. The main objectives of this study was to carried out the survey, collection of information and analysis of chemical properties of soil. Totally 952 soil samples were collected at a depth of 0-15 cm and the study revealed that pH ranged 3.70-7.50 acidic to neutral, and EC is slightly saline in nature. Available nitrogen content ranged from 46.5-657.1 kg ha-1, phosphorus from 5.4-267.7 kg ha-1and potassium status in soils of different taluks ranged from 17.25 to 667 kg ha-1. Maximum soil samples of the area showed sufficient in manganese, Cu and Fe status, but Zinc and boron were deficient.

Nutrient, soil and natural farming

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Naik, A. H. K., Madhu, B. M., Chandravamshi, P., & Hanumanthappa, M. (2020). Study on Physico-chemical Properties and Fertility Status of Tumkur District (Zone-4) of Karnataka. International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 21(24), 42-47.
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