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2020 - Volume 21 [Issue 24]

A Review on Adsorption and Desorption of Different Pesticides in Various Soil

Dhara D. Lunagariya, K. G. Patel, Susheel Singh, Vipulkumar B. Parekh, T. R. Ahlawat

Page: 35-41
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Quality Characterization of Surface Water Sources Using Water Quality Index in Urban Areas of Solan District of Himachal Pradesh

Jyotsana Pandit, S. K. Bhardwaj

Page: 1-12
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Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Some Medicinal Plants

Joud Jalab, Adawia Kitaz, Wassim Abdelwahed, Rawaa Al- Kayali

Page: 13-26
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Optimization of Extraction and Dyeing Conditions of Natural Dye from Ratanjot Roots Using Ultrasonic Waves

Oinam Roselyn Devi, Sandeep Bains, Sumeet Grewal

Page: 27-34
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Study on Physico-chemical Properties and Fertility Status of Tumkur District (Zone-4) of Karnataka

A. H. Kumar Naik, B. M. Madhu, Parashuram Chandravamshi, M. Hanumanthappa

Page: 42-47
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Ecological Risk Link to Trace Metals in Waters and Sediments along the Abobo-Doumé Fish Market in Ebrié Lagoon, Côte d’Ivoire

Adama Diarrassouba Tuo, Issiaka Ben Chérif Traoré, Albert Trokourey

Page: 55-67
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Soil Nutrients Status and Cotton Yield as Influenced by Split Application of Nitrogen and Potassium in Vertisol

Komal A. Gade, D. V. Mali, B. A. Sonune, S. D. Jadhao, S. M. Bhoyar, N. M. Konde, S. M. Jadhao, G. V. Thakre, D. N. Nalge

Page: 68-75
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Study on Biodiesel Production and Characterization for Used Cooking Oil

M. S. Dulawat, J. M. Makavana, S. V. Kelaiya, M. J. Gojiya, G. A. Gadhiya, P. M. Chauhan

Page: 76-86
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Pesticide Residues in Vegetables Collected from Different Markets of Navsari District of India

Pawan Kumar, Susheel Singh, K. D. Gandhi, N. G. Umeretia

Page: 87-99
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