Determination of Antioxidant Activity of Leave Extracts of Albizia chevalieri Using Free Radical Scavenging Activity Assay

Alhassan M. Garba, Habiba R. Isa, Sadiq Abubakar, Saudat Ja’afar

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Synthesis of Benzil by Air Oxidation of Benzoin and M(Salen) Catalyst

Qiuxin Shen, Liting Xu, Yiyan Jiang, Ran Zheng, Yiping Zhang

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Efficiency of Sawdust from Selected African Indigenous Wood spp. as a Low-cost Adsorbent for Removal of Copper Ion from Contaminated Water

E. A. Iyiola, J. M. Owoyemi, T. P. Saliu, B. Olufemi, D. O. Dania, O. Olasunkanmi, S. O. Ayanleye, A. Wekesa

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Sustainable Bio-Adsorbent for Treatment of Nitrate, Fluoride and TDS in Groundwater

Anupam Singhal, Rajiv Gupta, Arun Singh

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Developed and Evaluation of Slow Release Phosphorus Fertilizer Using Mono-ammonium Phosphate and Di-ammonium Phosphate

Khalid Al Rohily, Adel Ghoneim, Hany El-Hamshary, Abdullah Modaihsh

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