Antioxidant Activities of Extracts from Celery Leaves (Apium Graveolens L) Grown in Jos, Nigeria

M. Suleman Stephen, E. A. Adelakun, J. H. Kanus, Meshack M. Gideon

Page: 1-5
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Extracting and Studying the Factors Affecting the Tanning Material in the Garad Pods

Egbal Eltom, Gurashi Abdalla

Page: 6-16
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Relative Change in Yields and Nutrient Uptake of Black Gram under Different Doses and Sources of Boron

Rahul Kumar, Sweeti Kumari, Shweta Shambhabhi, Rashmi Priyadarshi, Shabana .

Page: 17-22
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Synthesis, Anti-microbial, Flameretardance and Anti-corrosive Activity of Some New Heterocycles Incorporating Coumarin moiety

S. M. Mohamed, Nadia T. A. Dawoud, N. Abd El-Khalik, Wafaa. M. Mazen, Z. I. El Bailey

Page: 23-37
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Evaluation of Two Kurdistan-Iraq Crude Oil (T-21A, PF2) by Derivatographic Method

Sherwan Mohammad Simo, Salah Aldin Naman, Kanaan Ramadan Ahmed, Akhmetov Arslan Faritovich

Page: 38-46
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