Nutrient Uptake and Soil Fertility Status under Different Cropping Systems for Integrated Farming Systems of Telangana State, India

Ch. Pragathi Kumari, M. Goverdhan, G. Kiran Reddy, S. Sridevi

Page: 1-10
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Effect of Natural, Organic and Inorganic Farming Methods on Microorganisms and Enzymes Activity of Maize Rhizosphere

G. Vinay, B. Padmaja, M. Malla Reddy, G. Jayasree, S. Triveni

Page: 11-16
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Effect of Pusa Hydrogel and Plant Growth Regulators on Vegetative Growth, Flowering and Fruiting of Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Dutch) Cv. Chandler

Sandeep Singh, Saket Mishra, Sudhir Singh Jamwal, Vijay Bahadur

Page: 17-24
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TiO2 Nanoparticles Enhancing Germination, Growth and Yield of Rice

Keya Debnath, Aparajita Das, Bimal Das, J. Karfoma

Page: 25-30
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Ion Exchange: The Most Important Chemical Reaction on Earth after Photosynthesis

Thounaojam Thomas Meetei, Yumnam Bijilaxmi Devi, Thounaojam Thorny Chanu

Page: 31-42
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