Development of Instant Chutney Powder with Incorporation of Blanched Carrot and Green Leafy Vegetable Powders

J. Prasoona, B. Anila Kumari, Supta Sarkar, V. Kavitha Kiran, R. Swamy

Page: 1-9
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Effect of Pyrolysis Temperature and Residence Time on Bio-char Obtained from Pyrolysis of Shredded Cotton Stalk

J. M. Makavana, P. N. Sarsavadia, P. M. Chauhan

Page: 10-28
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Effect of Organics and Chemical Fertilizers on Soil Organic Carbon Distribution in a Typic Ustifluvents

Amit Kumar Pandey, Ashutosh Singh, Umesh Singh

Page: 29-33
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Available Sulphur Status in Soybean Growing Areas of Northern Telangana Zone

G. Venugopal, S. Harish Kumar Sharma, Abdul Aziz Qureshi, G. E. Ch. Vidya Sagar

Page: 34-38
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Organoleptic and Nutritional Evaluation of Value Added Noodles from Amaranth Seed Flour

Priyanshu Tripathi, Renu Mogra

Page: 39-47
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Physical Characteristics of Soil as Influenced by Integrated Organic Nutrient Management Practices - A Review

Ashutosh Singh, Amit Kumar Pandey, Umesh Singh

Page: 48-53
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