Antimicrobial Activity and Interactions of Toddalia asiatica Isolated Coumarins with Two Known Drugs

I. Onjero, B. F. Juma, J. C. Korir, R. W. Kamau

Page: 1-16
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Effect of Chemical Inducers of Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) for the Management of Late Blight Disease of Potato

S. H. Peerzada, H. S. Viswanath, K. A. Bhat

Page: 26-41
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Physico-Chemical Treatment of a Wastewater Collector Loaded with Metals and Suspension Material by The Solution of Raw Carica papaya Latex

Togbe Finagnon Crépin Alexis, Yete Pélagie, Yovo Franck, Wotto Valentin

Page: 42-49
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Site-specific Nutrient Management for Enhancing Crop Productivity

Ramesh Chand Bana, S. S. Yadav, A. C. Shivran, Prabhoo Singh, Vinod Kumar Kudi

Page: 17-25
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A Review of Nigerian Potential Hop Substitutes in Beer Brewing: 1983-2020

Vincent Nwalieji Okafor, Ifeyinwa Blessing Tabugbo, Regina Igwe Anyalebechi, Ugochukwu Wilson Okafor, Joy Ngozika Obiefuna

Page: 50-73
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Beneficial Effects of Biochar on Agriculture and Environments

G. Yazhini, R. Abishek, T. Ilakiya, S. Shanmugapriya, R. Sangeetha Piriya

Page: 74-88
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