Open Access Original Research Article

A Novel Spectrophotometric Determination and Kinetic Study of Sulfamethoxazole in Pure and Tablet Formulation using 9-chloroacridine Reagent

Alaa A. Ahmed, Theia’a N. Al-Sabha, Emad A. S. Al-Hyali

International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Page 1-13
DOI: 10.9734/irjpac/2021/v22i1030434

A spectrophotometric method has been developed for analysis of Sulfamethoxazole (SMX) in pure and dosage forms. The method is based on the reaction of the SMX with 9-chloroacridine (9-CA) reagent in organic and acidic medium, to produce a yellow product having maximum absorption at 448 nm. Beer’s law was obeyed in the concentration range 1-30 μ with molar absorptivity of 1.63x104 with good detection and quantification limits. Accuracy (Average recovery %) and precision are 98.43% and 0.651, respectively. The proposed method was applied successfully for determination of Sulfamethoxazole in its commercial dosage form as tablet and agree well with the official method.

The equilibrium constant and the thermodynamic functions (ΔHo, ΔGº and ΔSº) of the  complex formation were estimated. The study revealed that the complex formation could occur spontaneously, the type of interacting forces between SMX and 9-CA are physical is nature and association increases the order of the studied systems.

The results of kinetic parameters indicated that, the reaction is pseudo first order with respect to SMX. The rate constant at various temperatures and the thermodynamic functions of activation were determined. Theoretical parameters were calculated by applying the semi-empirical Austin method (AM1). These parameters are helped to suggest reaction mechanism and supporting other results.