2020 - Volume 21 [Issue 17]

Original Research Article

Synthesis, Characterisation and Antimicrobial Studies of Schiff Base and Its Metal Complexes

Fatimah A. Abdulsayid, Hamad M. Adress Hasan, Roaa A. Bouagila

DOI: 10.9734/irjpac/2020/v21i1730260

Page: 1-9

Aerosol Performance of Beta-carotene Supplementation Prepared by Spray and Spray-Freeze Drying

M. N. Lavanya, Shweta Deotale, J. A. Moses, C. Anandharamakrishnan

DOI: 10.9734/irjpac/2020/v21i1730262

Page: 18-31

Different Cropping System Effects of Depth-Wise Distribution of Available NPKS in an Inceptisol of Southern Telangana Zone

Knight Nthebere, S. H. K. Sharma, Ch. Pragathi Kumari, A. Aziz Qureshi

DOI: 10.9734/irjpac/2020/v21i1730263

Page: 32-39

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