Prof. SungCheal Moon

Industrial Technology Support Division, Korea Institute of Materials Science, Republic of Korea, Bioenvironmental and Chemical Engineering Department, Chosun College University of Science & Technology, Republic of Korea. Dr. Moon completed his Ph.D (polymer engineering and science) from Chosun University. He has vast experience in different areas of polymer engineering, to name a few: Polymer (nano) composites, Flame resistant materials, Energy absorbing materials, Foams, Carbon fiber and Carbon composites, Multi-functional (nano) fiber, etc. Since 2002, 31 papers published in Korean national and international peer-reviewed journals like Nature Nanotechnology, Carbon, Polymer, JAPS, PES, PC, etc and from different journals from Elsevier, Wiley Inter Science, The Royal Society of Chemistry, etc. He had 5 international and 11Korean patents. Dr. Moon won coveted ‘President’s Award of Institute, KRF Fund Award, etc’. Dr. Moon also played instrumental role in different prestigious internal collaborative research project with USA, Germany, etc. He is chief editor and editorial board member of International Journals. Specialization Keywords: Polymer (nano) composites, Energy absorbing materials, Flame resistant materials, Foams, Carbon fiber and Carbon composites, Multi-functional (nano) fiber.